RCR fellowships and grants

There are two research fellowships offered by the College that are open to clinical oncologists.

Dr Karol Sicher Cancer Research Fellowship Full details

A biennial Fellowship of up to £7,000 intended for a research project or period of study in support of research, in any aspect of cancer diagnosis, assessment or management for up to three months (within the next year) in the United Kingdom or abroad. The purpose is to learn a research technique that could be utilised in the applicant's own department. 

Cancer Research UK/RCR Joint Clinical Research Fellowships

Clinical Research Fellowships are administered by the Cancer Research centres across the UK and vary according to topical areas of research relevant to each centre. The Joint Fellowships are identified among members or Fellows of the RCR who are appointed through CRUK's open competition, via one of the Cancer Research UK Centres. Please visit the CRUK website for more information on the posts available at each centre. 

Other awards

The College has a number of more general awards, some of which can be used for research purposes. See the main Awards and Prizes page for more information.


Research grants

From 1999 to 2009 the College offered a number of grants through the Small Project Grants (SPG) scheme. The College regrets that this scheme is not currently operating. Details of the grants awarded under this scheme are available through the links below. 

Research grants awarded in 2006-2009
Research grants awarded in 1999-2004