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Patient & Public Involvement

A selection of useful resources for those incorporating Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in their research.

Cancer Research – Patient Involvement Toolkit

  • Practical, step by step advice to plan, deliver and evaluate Public and Patient Involvement (PPI).   
  • It does not support researchers with engagement activities, or with recruiting to clinical trials. 
  • It is designed to meet the researcher needs noted in researcher surveys conducted by CRUK and Shared Learning Group for Involvement in Research.
  • Involvement opportunities for researchers are advertised here.  

Independent Cancer Patients’ Voice

  • A patient advocate group, independent of established UK cancer charities. They involve patients in clinical research (including clinical trials, working with clinical/academic units, tissue banks etc) emphasising the patient perspective and helping to improve clinical research.  
  • Clinical trials & studies – gives an idea of some of the studies they have been involved with, while testimonials offer insight into successful input from the ICPV.  

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