Pre-research degree

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships

Career stage: CT1 and ST3

These are fellowships funded through the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and primarily aimed at clinicians without a research degree, although candidates with a prior research degree taken before oncology training may also apply.

These fellowships offer 6-9 months of funding for your salary with an annual bursary of £1000 to put towards training or meeting attendance.  Unusually for research funding there are no constraints placed on either research area or output.  As such they are incredibly flexible; you can pursue any avenue that interests you.  The fellowships are meant to allow protected time for potential academics to gain skills in a particular area, gather preliminary data and put together grant applications to obtain further funding.

Most ACFs are offered at ST3, although a few run-through posts from CT1 are available.  The funding is allocated locally, by deanery, meaning there is no central list and timetable for the release of ACF posts and candidates do not go through the national recruitment process. For full information about ACFs and how to apply see the NIHR website. Check the deanery websites for specific posts and contact them directly for information on availability of posts.

Any queries directly relating to ACF posts shoudl be directed to NIHR.

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