Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Applications open: Monday 1 February 2021

Closing date: Wednesday 31 March 2021

Background and nature

The RCR Summer Undergraduate Fellowships (SURF) in Clinical Oncology provide medical students with a unique opportunity to undertake a research project in the field of academic clinical oncology during their early years of study. Each competitively-awarded SURF provides both bursary funding for the applicant and additional funding for the research project.

Why should I apply?

These prestigious awards are an excellent opportunity for medical students to bolster their CV while gaining an insight into the field of clinical oncology and the academic opportunities it provides. This will help you to gain key academic experience, including in public speaking as well as grant and academic writing, and key skills relating to data analysis, critical thinking and research governance. You’ll also gain mentorship from senior academics and clinicians who will be able to provide you with advice and support to begin a career in academic oncology. The recipients will hold the title: 2021 RCR Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow in Clinical Oncology.

Flier with more details


  • Five awards are available

  • Bursary of £1,440 each (equivalent to £180 per week) to provide expenses for a medical student to undertake a research project during the summer vacation

  • Project funding of £500 to the supervising department or laboratory to meet the costs of supporting the student including travel to the RCR to deliver a presentation on the project


The RCR SURFs in Clinical Oncology are available to medical students enrolled in both undergraduate- and graduate-entry programmes within the UK. Students should apply with a supervisor who must be a Member or Fellow of the RCR Faculty of Clinical Oncology. Prospective supervisors who are still in training should provide a letter of support from their Head of Department with the application.

Undergraduate-entry students must be enrolled in their second, third or fourth year of study at the time of applying. (The equivalent will apply if you are undertaking a longer course; please note that those in their first or final years of study are not eligible.)

Graduate-entry students must be enrolled in their first, second or third year of study at the time of applying.

Guidance notes

All applicants must read the Guidance Notes before applying. 

To apply

Applicants will need to submit:

Applications should be submitted to

Assessment procedure

 Applications are made in open competition and the Fellowships are awarded by the Academic Committee based on the recommendation of an assessment panel. The decision of the assessment panel is final and binding. Successful applicants will be invited to present the results of their work at an appropriate RCR event. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application around Monday 26 April.

Enquiries should be directed to


Recipients of 2019 awards: 

  1.        Joe Wilson (Undergraduate), Oxford Institute of Radiation Oncology, University of Oxford
  2.        Sana Hussain (Undergraduate), University of Leeds
  3.        Michael Corden (Undergraduate), Christie NHS Foundation Trust
  4.        Lucy Sandhu (Undergraduate), Christie NHS Foundation Trust
  5.        Olivia Kemp (Graduate), Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre