Clinical Oncology Research Day

CO research events are held annually in different centres of excellence to provide information on research and academic career opportunities and encourage participation in academic careers.    

Inspiring Future Academics in Clinical Oncology

Tuesday 26th June (6pm) – Wednesday 27th June 2018 (6pm)

Venue: The Christie, Manchester, M20 4BX

Sponsored by the RCR Clinical Oncology Academic Committee & The Christie

An essential event for those interested in an academic career in Clinical Oncology. This is a fantastic opportunity for trainees to meet researchers from different backgrounds at various stages of their careers.  Snapshots of current research programmes and tips and tricks from those who have successfully achieved academic roles will be discussed. Many of the leading academics in the UK will be present, which will allow close networking and an opportunity speak with them directly

Event details and booking

Spaces can be booked by Core Medical (CMT) or Foundation year trainees interested in a career in Clinical Oncology.


26 June 2018

6.00pm - 6.45pm

Welcome drinks

6.45pm - 7.00pm

Why are we here – what is this about

Dr Ananya Choudhury, Consultant in Clinical Oncology, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust/ Honorary Reader, University of Manchester

7pm - 7.45pm

How to build a successful team

Professor Nick Slevin, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust


Social event: Dinner and Ceilidh


27 June 2018

9am - 9.30am

Invited speaker - The National Radiotherapy Research Strategy

Professor David Sebag-Montefiore, Chair of Clinical Oncology and Health Research, Leeds institute of Cancer and Pathology/ Consultant in Clinical Oncology, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

9.30am – 10.15am

Career Development Overview

A lifetime of research: how to build resilience and longevity in to your research career

Prof Peter Hoskin, Consultant in Clinical Oncology, Mount Vernon Cancer Centre/Professor of Clinical Oncology, University College London

Prof Tim Illidge, Professor of Targeted Therapy and Oncology, The University of Manchester/Consultant in Clinical Oncology, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

10.15am - 10.45am


10.45am – 11.45pm

Current Research students

Fish out of water: how to do a lab-based PhD

Dr Rick Walshaw, Clinical PhD student, University of Manchester

Combining research with less than full time training

Dr Angela Pathmanathan, Clinical Research Fellow, The Institute of Cancer Research, London

The Clinician as part of team science

Dr YeePei Song, MD student, University of Manchester and The Christie

11.45pm – 1.30pm

Poster Session and Lunch

1.30pm - 3.30pm

Research talks/tour

1.30pm – 2.15pm MR-Linac

Professor Marcel van Herk, Chair in Radiotherapy Physics, University of Manchester and The Christie

Dr Alan McWilliam, Honorary Lecturer in Adaptive Radiotherapy, University of Manchester/Principal Clinical Scientist, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

2.15pm – 3pm Protons

Professor Karen Kirkby, Chair in Proton Therapy Physics, University of Manchester

Professor Neil Burnet, Professor of Proton Radiotherapy, University of Manchester

3pm – 3.30pm Biomarkers

Professor Catharine West, Chair of Radiation Biology, University of Manchester

3.30pm – 4.00pm

Tea/ Coffee

4pm – 5pm

Career pathways

A post CCT fellowship and how to develop a career as a clinician scientist

Dr Andrew Hudson, The Dean's Prize for Clinical Fellow, University of Manchester

Defining a research programme in advanced radiotherapy

Dr Ann Henry, Associate Professor in Clinical Oncology, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust & University of Leeds

Research as part of a clinical career

Dr Alison Tree, Consultant in Clinical Oncology, The Royal Marsden

5pm - 6pm

Mentoring break out session


Professor Corinne Faivre-Finn

Chair in Thoracic Radiation Oncology, University of Manchester/Honorary Consultant in Clinical Oncology, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

2017 RCR Clinical and Radiation Oncology Research Training Meeting

Held on 27-28 June 2017, hosted by the Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology

Presentations from the event are available below:

'My Career as a Clinician Scientist' - Professor Anne Kiltie, Professor of Experimental Clinical Oncology, CRUK Senior Clinical Group Leader, CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute

'An Academic Career in Clinical Oncology: Actually going from bench to bedside… and back again.' - Professor Anthony Chalmers, Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow

'Importance and Opportunity for Academic Training in Radiation Oncology' - Dr Ben O’Leary, Oncology Registrars’ Forum Representative, RCR

'Getting your Clinician Scientist Grant' - Dr Geoff Higgins, University of Oxford

'Non lab-based Academic Research' - Dr David Cutter, Oxford Cancer Centre

'Academic Clinician in NHS' - Charlotte Coles, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge

Please click to view videos of individual speakers

A report on the event is available