What is it like to train in clinical oncology?

Below are two videos which give an insight into what it is like to train in clinical oncology and what it is about the specialty that attracted current trainees to it.

Training in clinical oncology

This video, shot at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, shows you what training to be a clinical oncologist is like. Our thanks to the clinical oncology trainees and consultants in Brighton who kindly agreed to appear, as well as James Lewis from the hospital's Clinical Medical Centre for producing the video.

Why clinical oncology?

We asked current clinical oncology trainees who were attending the Annual Trainee Oncology Meeting (ATOM) in Birmingham in May 2016 to tell us why they chose the specialty and what they love about it.

Our thanks to the following trainees who appear in the video.

  1. Dr Charles Fong & Dr Vicky Sangha 
  2. Dr Séan O’Cathail
  3. Dr Indrani Bhattacharya
  4. Dr Philip Charlton
  5. Dr Simon Duke
  6. Dr Elizabeth Crolla
  7. Dr Sean Brown and Dr Ian Fraser
  8. Dr Gagan Bhattnagar
  9. Dr Jana McHugh & Dr Georgina Casswell