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Join our workforce campaign by contacting your Member of Parliament (MP).

We need to make sure the Secretary of State for Health knows about the urgent need to invest in radiology and oncology training. We’re asking you to join our workforce campaign by contacting your MP.

Gaining the support of local MPs is one of the most effective ways to draw attention to the challenges facing our specialties. This will help us to secure more funding from the Government.

Find your MP

Before you contact your MP, find out their name, political party and surgery times. It's also useful to know your MP's interests, background and the issues that are important to them. This will help you to gain their support.

To find out who your MP is:

Send a letter to your MP

We hope you will join our campaign by sending a letter. We need you to ask your MP to write to the Secretary of State for Health about the workforce crisis. If they do, this guarantees that the minister will see and sign a response.

We have prepared a letter template for clinical radiologists and a template for clinical oncologists. You can send this straight to your MP after adding your details or change it to include your own thoughts.

If you are in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland you can adapt the letter further with your own country-specific detail. We know each country is different and your MP will want to bring those experiences with them to Westminster.

If you have the time, you could write your own letter. The more personalised the better. Your MP wants to hear your thoughts.

A briefing to include with the letter is also available. This provides context and answers the questions they are likely to have.

Download the workforce briefing (PDF)

Help us raise awareness

We are speaking to ministers and parliamentarians across the UK to gather support for our campaign. Working together, we can strengthen our message to the Government. The more letters MPs receive, the more they will raise the issue with the Secretary of State for Health.

To help us raise awareness, tell your colleagues, friends or family that you have written to your MP. You can also support our campaign on social media using the hashtag #Workforce.

Contact our Campaigns Team

Please let us know if your MP is supporting our workforce campaign. Their thoughts would be very helpful for our national work.

If you have any questions or if you need information about your constituency, our team can help. Email or call us on 0207 406 1716. 

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