Supervisor skills success

Thursday 14 July 2016

The latest Supervisor Skills Workshop took place recently and was specially tailored to the needs of the clinical oncologists who attended. Through a mix of interactive activity, discussion and simulation, participants learnt about both the key elements and skills necessary for successful supervision. The intention of the day was to provide attendees with directly relevant skills and techniques that could be put to immediate use in a busy clinical setting.

The day was facilitated by Consultant Clinical Oncologist Dr Louise Hanna and by Louise Machin, RCR Educationalist (pictured) and included a presentation and question and answer session by Chris Murley, RCR’s Training Manager on getting the most from the College’s e-portfolio resources.

Participants were led through activities designed to help them define and differentiate between the Clinical and Educational supervisor roles while supervisor standards and GMC guidelines were also covered.

Through the use of video simulation and interactive role-play, both the structure of an appraisal system and the giving and receiving of effective feedback were explained and explored.

Dr Hanna also took attendees through the different forms of assessment and updates on the curriculum, finishing with discussions on issues around the trainee in difficulty covering the early signs and underlying causes as well as a diagnostic framework for action.