Receive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for consultation responses

Tuesday 24 September 2019

The RCR is pleased to announce that we are now awarding Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for consultation responses.

Any Fellow or member who offers a meaningful contribution to an RCR consultation or an RCR response to an external consultation or call for comments will be awarded a predetermined number of CPD points – typically two to three per consultation. The number of points available will be decided according to the complexity, length and nature of the consultation documents and the response required, and will be clearly specified in the RCR’s initial call for comments and responses. 

In order for a contribution to be considered ‘meaningful’, the respondent needs to have thoroughly read and understood the relevant content and the response must take into account the purpose of the consultation and any specific questions. Comments must be received by the deadline specified.

Dr Hannah Tharmalingam, Vice President for Clinical Oncology, said:

‘Consultations are one of the best mechanisms we have for influencing national healthcare policy, and contributions from our members are an invaluable part of this process. That's why we're pleased to now be able to offer concrete recognition of these contributions by rewarding them with CPD points.’

Dr Caroline Rubin, Vice President for Clinical Radiology, said:

'The input of our members and Fellows ensures that we are effectively representing their views when we respond to consultations and engage with key decision-makers across the healthcare sector. I urge all members and Fellows to offer their expertise when they can.'

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