RCR welcomes call supporting doctors' wider public and health work

Friday 28 July 2017

Several of the UK’s leading healthcare organisations have written a joint letter to all NHS hospitals urging them to support doctors who request time out to undertake work for national health bodies such as the RCR.

The letter, signed by NHS England, the General Medical Council and devolved nations’ health bodies, stresses the valuable contribution doctors make for the wider benefit of the public through such work, which leads to improved patient safety and care, medical education and the delivery of effective health services.

The RCR relies on the invaluable, voluntary support of its radiologists and clinical oncologists who invest considerable time and effort to ensure the College continues to deliver high-quality support and development in many areas including training, examinations, professional development, guidance development, quality improvement activities and academic research. We fully support this call and thank those NHS hospitals who continue to support this important work.