Radiology training 2016-2026: a vision and a solution

Thursday 23 June 2016

The UK is facing a severe workforce crisis in clinical radiology with half the number of radiologists that other comparable nations employ. At the same time, the volume of imaging examinations is increasing year-on-year while delivering the new cancer strategies for England and Scotland will require a major step change in diagnostic capacity.

Taking on a significant number of additional trainees when services are so stretched poses particular challenges. However, the UK already has a highly successful training model based on experience over the past ten years - radiology training academies.

In Radiology training 2016-2026: a vision and a solution The RCR puts forward a clear vision of what could be achieved based on the best of what the radiology training academies have already delivered in three centres. Furthermore, the RCR proposes that new academies could also provide the infrastructure for much-needed radiology network reporting centres.