Medical Training Initiative and coronavirus (COVID-19)

Tuesday 8 September 2020

Visas – information from UKVI

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has published guidance on GOV.UK on immigration provisions for individuals in the UK affected by issues related to coronavirus (COVID-19). This is subject to change as the situation changes.  The RCR is contacting MTI doctors already in post in the UK to tell them their options.

Please email the coronavirus immigration team immediately if you fall into this category. Please also keep the RCR informed.

MTI and the RCR

Doctors applying for the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) scheme should check the latest guidance about the status of COVID-19 in the UK before deciding whether it’s practical to pursue an application in the current climate. Hospitals may be stretched, self- isolation indicated and/or travel more difficult.

Hospitals should, therefore, consider whether it is practical to take on an MTI trainee in the current climate.

Employers must bear in mind that even if they have more experience from outside the UK, MTI doctors are trainees; they should be treated in the same way as UK trainees and are likely to require additional support as they are new to the NHS. Care should be taken if asking them to work outside their usual scope of practice (as with any doctor).

There may be delays in processing new MTI applications.

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