Making the most of your academic career in radiology

Friday 29 July 2016

In July the RCR hosted the first national academic workshop “Making the Most of your Academic Career in Radiology”. Organised by the University of Cambridge Radiology Department and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). The event provided guidance for success, discussed available options for career progression as an academic in radiology and expanded the networking between radiology academics. It also addressed the particular hurdles faced by academic trainees in clinical radiology. The intense exam-based radiology training makes research and CV development, and opportunities to apply for a higher-level academic post very challenging so the workshop was timely and topical. NIHR statistics show that only a minority of ACF trainees remain in, or apply for a higher academic post following training.

The morning session focused on career advice and management followed by sessions on funding opportunities for clinical academics in the afternoon. Speakers comprised radiologists at different stages of their career, from clinical lecturers to group leaders. The session started with an introduction by Professor Gilbert followed by key lectures from Dr Gallagher on how to boost our CV; Dr Mortensen, an ACF who recently became a CL; Dr O’Connor a successful imaging group leader in Manchester and Dr Whitby also a group leader in Sheffield on how to overcome adversities in Clinical Radiology.

Lunchtime provided opportunities for the delegates to present posters and discuss their scientific projects. The afternoon was dedicated to funding opportunities for clinical academics with delegates from major national funding agencies, including NIHR, Wellcome Trust, RCR and Cancer Research UK, presenting their research funding programmes.

Each session was followed by a round table with open, informal and vivid discussion and exchange of advice between speakers and delegates. The closing lecture was given by Professor Taylor of UCL who emphasised the highlights of the day’s lecturers and the importance for more frequent academic radiology meetings to improve dialogue that will enhance academic programmes.

It is hoped that a follow-up event will be organised next year.