Final FRCR Part B in Clinical Radiology: March 2021 sitting update

Monday 1 March 2021

The March 2021 sitting will go ahead with candidates attending the venues as planned. We have investigated the potential to move to a 'remotely proctored' approach with all candidates taking the examination from home or other location of their choice. However, we consider the technical requirements for the reporting and oral examinations are best delivered from quality-assured venues to ensure appropriate connectivity and maintain uniformity of image quality and size. Candidates will be offered an automatic place in the next available examination if they are not able to attend due to COVID reasons (COVID-positive, self-isolating or venue closure).

Any UK trainee who is entered for the March 2021 examination and is not able to take it at the last minute (due to COVID reasons) will be able to sit the examination in May 2021, subject to capacity limits. The May 2021 sitting is usually a joint examination with the National University of Singapore but this year will be open to UK trainees who were unable to sit the March 2021 examination. The reporting and oral sessions will take place in our London venue. Singapore candidates will continue to sit the examination in Singapore.

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