Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for autumn 2020 examinations

Friday 4 September 2020

Candidates are currently being notified of their examination venue and login details for examination delivery software (for examinations that were previously delivered on paper) for the September and October examinations.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, new venues have been introduced to avoid mass gatherings. Candidates must adhere to the venue’s requirements and guidance while on the premises.

Candidates should consider wearing face coverings up to the point of entering, and upon leaving, the examination room. Wearing a face covering is also welcomed when seated while the examination is in progress, although this is a personal choice unless the venue has an overriding requirement – the venue’s position on this will be made clear upon arrival for the examination. The only examination where face coverings are not permitted is the Final FRCR Part B oral component, as coverings may impede communication with examiners.

Social distancing will be implemented for desk spacing at each venue in line with government guidance. Candidates must also adhere to social distancing outside examination venues and avoid socialising with others before or after the examination.

Any candidate feeling unwell or displaying symptoms should not attend the examination.

We have done our utmost to mitigate against exam cancellation. However, due to localised lockdowns and government guidance changing at short notice, it is still possible that an examination venue will not be able to open or that candidates cannot travel to their examination location. In the event of this, candidates will be refunded their entry fee and examined at the next available opportunity.

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