Coronavirus (COVID-19) and RCR examinations

Monday 9 March 2020

Candidates may be aware that the recent outbreak, and subsequent spread, of Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacted the RCR’s February and March exams as international exam venues were unable to accommodate candidates in Hong Kong and Singapore. The RCR is taking the health of everyone involved in our exams seriously whilst being committed to maintaining our services and enabling exam access to as many candidates as possible, but exam cancellations and venue changes will affect the April, May and June RCR exams as detailed below:

  • The clinical radiology Final FRCR Part B joint examination in Singapore scheduled for May has been cancelled.
  • The clinical radiology First FRCR (Physics and Anatomy) and Final FRCR Part A examinations in June 2020 will not take place in Hong Kong or Singapore.
  • We hope to continue with all exams in the UK but this decision will be under constant review as circumstances change and it is possible that some or all will have to be cancelled, subject to further advice from Public Health England (PHE). Candidates should consider this before committing to travel costs and review their travel insurance. For exams that go ahead there will be restrictions on travelling candidates as below.

Candidates must not apply for or attend any RCR examination if they would be: arriving from; travelling through; or have visited in the 14 days before the exam a COVID-19 specified country or area from the PHE list of affected countries, category 1 and 2

There will be no exceptions. Candidates who apply for the June exams are asked to check the PHE list in the lead-up to travel. In the event of additional countries or areas being added, candidates residing in those locations will be withdrawn from the exam. In these circumstances, or in the event of cancelling exams, the RCR will refund 100% of the exam fee but will not be liable for travel and/or accommodation costs.

All candidates attending an RCR examination must declare on arrival at the examination venue that they have not travelled from/through the countries listed.  Candidates who have started from, or travelled through, a listed country/area will not be permitted to sit the exam.

We know that trainees will be concerned about the impact on their progression should examinations in the UK have to be cancelled. We will provide more details on the potential approaches to this, should it be necessary, following discussion with the relevant national training and standards bodies.

The situation is rapidly changing. We will keep this information under review and update as necessary. Please keep checking back.

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