Computer-based delivery of autumn 2020 examinations

Thursday 18 June 2020

The delivery of all FRCR autumn examinations will be computer based; the software will vary dependent on the examination. For most examinations, candidates will sit at a computer and answer questions on software specific to that examination. The Final FRCR Part B oral examinations in both clinical radiology and clinical oncology will be also accessed remotely using appropriate software and a video conferencing platform to enable the requisite conversation with examiners. Candidates will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the software prior to the examinations.

To preserve their integrity, all examinations will still take place in an authorised location with invigilation and remote RCR support. Candidates will not be able to access the external venues previously used for examinations however, training programmes have agreed to deliver all RCR examinations and candidates will undertake these either within a hospital or at a venue nearby.

For most examinations, the content, number of questions and duration remain the same. The clinical component of the Clinical Oncology Final FRCR Part B examination will not run for the remainder of 2020 and further detail on changes to that assessment will be provided before the examination application window opens in July.

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