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Recommendations for using radiotherapy for benign disease in the UK

Date: 2023
Date of next review: 2027

This document replaces 2015 A review of the use of radiotherapy in the UK for the treatment of benign clinical conditions and benign tumours.

It is hoped that this guidance will provide a useful resource for clinical oncologists who receive referrals for patients with benign conditions. The evidence for use of radiation in benign disease continues to evolve so this document should not be viewed as a proscriptive list of the only benign conditions that can be treated with radiotherapy (RT) in the UK. The evidence base for any other indications should be carefully considered before local protocols are developed and approved.

The first edition of this document included a comprehensive section on the radiobiology of treating benign disease and chapters on all benign conditions for which RT was thought to be in use in the UK. This second edition has been streamlined to focus on the most common benign conditions for which RT is established as a treatment modality.