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Radiotherapy target volume definition and peer review Second edition – RCR guidance

Date: 2022
Date of next review: 2026

Target volume definition requires an assessment of clinical information and imaging to know the location of the tumour (or tumour bed in the case of adjuvant treatment), an understanding of the possible routes of microscopic spread and an appreciation of potential positional errors. The uncertainties involved in this complex decision-making process mean that the oncologist must use judgement to consider the potential benefits and possible harms of treatment for each individual case. Wherever complex human judgements are made there is the potential for variability, bias and error.

The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) Clinical Oncology Professional Support and Standards Board has commissioned this second edition of these guidelines to support oncologists to make better contouring decisions, in the light of the latest evidence. These updated guidelines define minimum standards for volume definition and for peer review of contours, and recommend a more structured, auditable process for recording the peer review process.

Watch a webinar discussing the guidance: