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Your questions, answered

Some exciting changes are coming up for the College in the next few months now we've launched our new website. We’ve received plenty of questions from our Fellows and members and we wanted to answer some of the key areas we’ve been asked about:

Q: The website will look different – will I have trouble finding what I need?

A: You shouldn’t have any difficulty finding the information you need on our new website. One of the areas that kept coming up from our Insight Panel surveys about the website was that we needed to make things easier to find. We’ve clarified the navigation and improved the search function so that you should be able to find exactly what you need with only a couple of clicks.

Q: I have pages bookmarked on my computer/phone – what will happen to these?

A: We’re working to make sure that most of our current pages are redirected to the relevant new pages. In some cases, there will be no direct equivalent, in which case the bookmark will redirect to our new homepage. All you’ll need to do is enter a keyword in the search bar and you should find the relevant page, but if you’re still having trouble, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

Q: Is it just the look of the website that’s changing?

A: There are lots of exciting changes as we enhance the look and feel of the RCR and transform the way we advocate for our doctors. We’re launching a new visual identity, which means changing how the website looks but also how it feels to use. Some features of the old website website will no longer be present: we're stepping back from Case of the Month for now, and would encourage you to look at our REAL resources. Similarly, the COOFs will no longer exist, as we move towards a more network-based model - more on that soon. We’re also implementing a new password policy to keep holding ourselves to the highest standards of security, which means you’ll now have the option to update your password to 15 characters.

We’ve also updated our privacy policy to reflect everything we’re doing on the website and with our Fellows and members. Read the new privacy policy.

What’s not changing

Our website will look different as we’ve worked hard to create a website that does what we need: one that is easy to navigate, dynamic, responsive and modern. But what’s not changing is our commitment to representing you and providing you with the most up-to-date information, standards and guidance. The quality of information you’ve come to expect from the College won’t change, and we hope that you’ll find our new look and feel exactly what you’ve been waiting for.