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The RCR publishes Principles of reirradiation

We’re pleased to announce the publication of ‘Principles of reirradiation’.

These principles have been produced to guide and support clinicians in contentious areas of practice that lack strong evidence. They aim to reduce variation in UK radiotherapy practice.

An expert group in reirradiation treatment was formed to develop key principles for consideration when delivering reirradiation. Following appraisal of available literature and current practice, statements were drafted and refined. The group included experts from across the UK representing various tumour sites.

Dr Stephen Harrow, lead author, said "Given the significant advances in radiotherapy, re-irradiation is increasingly becoming a viable treatment option for patients. We hope that this guidance provides the basis for safe and effective practice that will evolve as our knowledge grows through engagement and research."

The RCR extends its gratitude to Dr Harrow, and all the experts involved in the development of the guidance.