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RCR launch ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence Imaging Registry

An exciting and innovative project is currently underway at the RCR: the creation of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Registry in imaging. The aim is to streamline and facilitate the adoption of AI by providing a comprehensive directory of all NHS sites currently using AI tools as part of their imaging work.  

Funded through the NHS AI Lab, this ground-breaking registry is set to be completed by Spring 2024, and will be the first of its kind within the UK. 

As AI continues to revolutionise imaging, it is crucial to ensure that the deployment of AI solutions in radiology is efficient and effective. The AI Registry will play a pivotal role in this process by providing a comprehensive overview of AI technologies implemented across various sites. This will enable anyone, including healthcare professionals, researchers and decision-makers, to identify existing AI applications and understand the extent of their use. Currently, there is no single source that brings together all the AI imaging tools being used in the NHS. This means that NHS trusts lack useful information required to decide which tools are available and might be usefully deployed in their hospitals. It also means that AI vendors can struggle to introduce their products to NHS trusts. This is where an AI imaging registry will bring value. 

The data collection phase is currently open, and we are encouraging everyone who has an AI product currently in use to fill in our survey. The registry is stronger the more coverage it has of products across the UK.

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