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Accelerating AI deployment into NHS diagnostics and cancer care services

Earlier this year, our President Dr Katharine Halliday met with the Chair of the Science, Innovation and Technology Select Committee, Greg Clark MP. The meeting was to discuss artificial intelligence (AI) implementation, after sharing with Mr Clark our AI policy report from January 2024.

The discussion was lively and fruitful. Dr Halliday was able to make our recommendations for AI deployment directly to Mr Clark, and Mr Clark in turn shared his thoughts and those of his Committee. We were invited to submit further evidence to the Committee, who have an ongoing Inquiry into the governance of AI.

Building on our earlier report, we submitted a ten-point implementation plan for AI, focusing on concrete steps to tackle the barriers we know exist. These barriers include chronic workforce shortfalls, a poor IT base, the need for longer-term funding arrangements, and a need to establish robust governance and validation frameworks. Our recommendations included the need to expand educational resources, commission further research into AI’s effect on patient outcomes, develop processes for data sharing and algorithm testing, and to take a pathways approach to implementation.

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