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Dr Peter Michael Hacking

Dr Michael Hacking

After Exeter School, Peter read Medicine and rowed in the highly successful VIth (Medics) boat for the LMBC. He was awarded an Oxford and Cambridge Scholarship to the Middlesex Hospital. In 1953 while at the Middlesex he was awarded the Lyell Gold medal in surgical anatomy. After two house jobs at the Middlesex Hospital, Peter did his National Service at the Army Apprentice School in Harrogate. He married Helen in 1953. Julie was born in 1954, Nigel in 1956, and Jeremy in 1960.

Peter decided to train as a Radiologist and was appointed a consultant in 1962, and as Administrator in Charge in 1977. He spent a year working in the USA at the Massachusetts General Hospital in 1960–61.


1st May 1929 to 25th November 2021

He was associated with The Royal College of Radiologists, firstly as a member of the Faculty Board from 1978–1981, then as a member of Council from 1981–1984. He was an Examiner of the Part II FRCR both in London and Hong Kong between 1979 and 1985. He became an Examiner-in-Chief in 1985 during his last year as an examiner. He wrote many publications and finally retired in 1990, moving with Helen to a house in Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire. In retirement he worked for many years with Oxford Archaeology and then with the Oxford Geology Group. He studied geology with the Open University and was appointed one of two Vice-Presidents of the Oxford Geology Group. He was a Parish Councillor for 12 years, and also a member of the Benefice Parochial Church Council of the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul. He enjoyed the cultural life of Oxford, being a regular attender at concerts at the Sheldonian Theatre and at the Ashmolean Museum. His great love was travel and together with Helen, he visited most of the important historic archaeological sites and international art centres around the world.

His two sons both followed him into Radiology, Nigel in Interventional and Jeremy in Diagnostic Radiology and also his Grandson, Jonathan in Paediatric Radiology; a unique Radiological dynasty.

He became a proud grandfather of five in Stephanie, Jonathan, Alexander, Fred and James, and two great-grandchildren, Marna and Rupert, both born in 2021.

Memoir author: Dr Nigel Hacking