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Presentations from undergraduate clinical oncology award winners

The RCR's undergraduate clinical oncology bursaries, awards and prizes are presented annually at our clinical oncology undergraduate day.

You can watch recordings of clinical oncology prize and award winners talking about their undergraduate projects. These presentations were developed independently by recipients of the RCR's undergraduate awards. The information provided in these videos does not represent RCR guidance or endorsement.

Clinical Oncology Undergraduate Elective Bursary 2021

Leah Heredia, fourth year medical student at the University of Birmingham and recipient of the 2021 Undergraduate Elective Bursary, talks about her elective project and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Undergraduate Edinburgh EAR Congress Essay Prize 2021

Patrick McAleavey, final year medical student at Queen's University Belfast, discusses his prize-winning essay on 'Drug-radiotherapy combinations in glioblastoma.' Find out more about the Undergraduate Edinburgh EAR Congress Essay Prize.

Clinical Oncology Undergraduate Education Innovation and Excellence Award 2021

Dr Neethu Billy Graham Mariam, recipient of the Clinical Oncology Undergraduate Education Innovation and Excellence Award 2021, discusses her project on 'Holistic, patient-centric oncology teaching: a novel resource for virtual platforms.'

Oncology Society of the Year 2021 Award: Barts Oncology Society

Members of Barts Oncology Society discuss their activities and projects as winners of the RCR Oncology Society of the Year 2021 Award.

Undergraduate clinical oncology

Discover how the College supports medical students during their undergraduate years to be able to safely manage patients with cancer from day one as a junior doctor.

Undergraduate clinical oncology