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Guidance on image-based exam delivery

Follow the instructional video, and log in to the accompanying demonstration site, to become familiar with the exam platform Assess, which is used for the First FRCR Anatomy, Final FRCR Part B and DDMFR exams.

The instructional video below should be watched by all candidates before practising on the accompanying demonstration site. It is essential that candidates watch the video and familiarise themselves with the platform on the demonstration site before attempting the exam. There will not be an opportunity to practice immediately prior to the start of the exam at venues.

Demonstration site

The platforms work best on the Google Chrome browser.

Please go to demo.rcr2.practique.net and enter ‘11001’ in the Username and Password fields. Once logged in, under ‘Choose exam’, select the relevant exam. They are:

  • FRCR Part 1 (CR1) ‘Anatomy Demo’

  • FRCR Part 2B (CR2B) ‘Long Cases Demo’

  • FRCR Part 2B (CR2B) ‘Rapid Reporting Demo’

  • ‘DDMFR Anatomy Demo’  

  • ‘DDMFR Rapid Reporting Demo’

  • ‘DDMFR Long Cases Demo’

For these demos, you do not require an Exam PIN.

Instructional video

Please note, this video will be updated shortly to reflect the platform's new name (Assess) and additional features. Entering the answers and viewing the images remain the same as illustrated in the video. Please access the demonstration site above to view the new features.

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Find out more about our FRCR exams in clinical radiology and clinical oncology, and DDMFR exams in dental and maxillofacial radiology.

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