Global Ambassadors

The RCR has appointed global ambassadors to represent both Faculties of the RCR outside the UK.
  • The Global Ambassador for Egypt is Dr Hassan Abdelsalam.
  • The Global Ambassador for India (Clinical Radiology) is Dr Raju Kalidindi.
  • The Global Ambassador for India (Clinical Oncology) is Dr Sanjoy Chatterjee.
  • The Global Ambassador for the Caribbean is Dr Alex Sinanan.

Key roles

The role of the global ambassador includes:
  • Offering advice and fielding enquiries for the RCR  
  • Help foster a sense of belonging to the RCR locally
  • Promoting the RCR and the benefits of membership, including the online CPD as part of RCR Learning and any new offerings
  • Bringing together the views of Fellows and members
  • Act as a point of liaison between members in the country and the RCR
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with national societies for radiology or oncology, universities, government etc
  • Acting as a conduit of intelligence about developments in the specialties in the country that might impact on RCR.