What does the RCR do for you?

Membership of the RCR is widely respected and shows evidence of a commitment to high professional standards in the science and practice of clinical oncology and clinical radiology.

The RCR:

  • Provides the infrastructure to support training in its specialties for medical trainees
  • Operates an online training portfolio, making it easier for you to record and submit your educational activities to support the annual review of competency progression (ARCP) process
  • Advises you on establishing, approving and maintaining training programmes
  • Supports professional standards by monitoring job descriptions and maintaining a network of specialty advisors
  • Gives members access to a quality-assured continuing professional development (CPD) scheme
  • Offers advice to members of both specialties
  • Organises conferences and scientific meetings to share best practice and the results of research
  • Collects workforce data and lobbies the UK governments on workforce issues on your behalf
  • Proactively approaches the UK governments and independent healthcare providers on oncology and radiology issues
  • Sends you distilled guidance from government and other organisations
  • Advises NHS and similar organisations, the independent sector and the public
  • Provides a conduit for academic and research funding for studentships and fellowships
  • Offers you access to a huge variety of resources in the elearning hub ‘RCR learning’
A member of the RCR chatting with a staff member
The RCR is here throughout your career