Admission of Fellows

Image comprising three photos, of the Fellowship Roll, a New Fellow walking to the ceremony with family and the lobby at Central Hall

Upcoming admission ceremonies

  • Friday 22 November 2019

We look forward to welcoming you and up to three guests to the Admission of Fellows ceremony. The ceremony is one of the highlights in the College’s calendar and a real celebration for all involved. They are our chance to welcome you, our new Fellows and your guests to our College.

The Admission of Fellows Ceremony will be held at: Central Hall Westminster Storey's Gate, Westminster, London SW1H 9NH

Invitations to the Admission Ceremony and further details will be sent by email to successful candidates. Separate admission arrangements apply to those who take the FRCR examination outside London; please refer to the information that is sent to you after your results have been published.

Before you can be admitted

Membership fees

If you have any outstanding membership fees, these will need to be paid in full before you can be admitted to the Fellowship.

If you are not yet a member of the RCR and have passed the Final Examination in Clinical Radiology or Clinical Oncology, you will need to become a member before you can be admitted into the Fellowship. You will be required to settle the correct membership subscription fee in full based on your country of residence for the forthcoming year.

A pro-rata subscription fee is charged for the remainder of the year for those admitted during the November admission ceremony.


An academic gown must be ordered from Ede and Ravenscroft for you to wear on the day. Please order your gown with Ede and Ravenscroft by selecting ‘Royal College of Radiologists’. There is no charge for your gown.

Order your gown

On the day of the ceremony, when you have registered at the reception desk you will be provided with a card so that you can collect your gown


New Fellows are limited to three guests only at the Admission Ceremony. You do not need to inform us of the names of your guests. Children are welcome to attend, however they must be accompanied by an adult. Children over the age of five will be included in your allocated guest number. Out of respect for other guests we request that small children should be taken outside if they become unsettled during the ceremony. A family and a prayer room will be available at the venue for New Fellows and their guests.


If you would like a formal photograph taken, professional photographers will be present at Central Hall on the day of the ceremony between 12:15–14:15. You are advised to take advantage of the time before the ceremony to have your photographs taken. You can order your photographs in advance on the Ede and Ravenscroft’s website.

The day of the admission ceremony


You are advised to arrive by 14.15 at the latest in order to collect your robe and enjoy your time with your colleagues, family and friends. Please ensure you register with the College reception desk staff upon your arrival. Failing to do so may mean your name and diploma are removed from the ceremony. If you would like a formal photograph taken, you should aim to arrive earlier, at any time from 12:15. Regretfully, if you arrive after 14:45, you will not be permitted to receive your certificate on stage and your name will not be called out. You will be admitted in absentia.

The ceremony

You will be called to be seated in the Great Hall at least 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony (it may not be possible to admit you if you are later than 14:45). We ask that you remain in the seat allocated to you during the entire ceremony to ensure that you are presented in the correct order. At the appropriate time in the ceremony, a member of RCR staff will guide you and your fellow recipients to the stage. When your name is announced, you will walk across the room where you will be greeted by the President who will shake your hand and present your certificate. You will then be guided back to your seat.

Post-ceremony reception

It's time to celebrate! We invite you all for some refreshments after the ceremony at Central Hall so you can toast your success with your friends, family and fellow graduates. It's our way of welcoming you to the Fellowship. The ceremony reception will last approximately one hour.

Return your gown

You must return your gown on the day before you leave Central Hall.

Get social with us!

Share your special moments with us throughout your day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the official graduation hashtag #RCRFellows. We want to see your excitement and celebrations.

If you have any questions about the ceremony, please do not hesitate to contact