CRASH! podcast: Episode 4: Different tracks

In this episode (split into two parts) we talk to radiologists from Scotland, Wales, and England about regional differences in academic training opportunities. We also discuss how being a frontline NHS consultant can bring your research so much closer to implementation, and how more time and money would solve (nearly) everything.

In part one, we speak to Michelle Williams (Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh) and Christina Messiou (Consultant Radiologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital).

In part two, we speak to Kieran Foley (Consultant Radiologist at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and Velindre Cancer Centre) and Mark Little (Consultant Radiologist in Reading). 

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Tom Turmezei (host)

  • Consultant Radiologist in Norwich
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia
  • Clinical interests in Musculoskeletal imaging
  • Research interests in 3D imaging analysis in osteoarthritis
  • Twitter: @tomturmezei
  • Has had an x-ray... for a broken hand struck on a diving board when trying to impress someone

Michelle Williams (guest, part 1)

  • Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh
  • Honorary Consultant Radiologist in Edinburgh
  • Clinical and research interests in Cardiac imaging of heart disease
  • Twitter: @imagingmedsci
  • Has eaten crickets in Thailand… peanutty

Christina Messiou (guest, part 1)

  • Consultant Radiologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London
  • Reader at the Institute of Cancer Research, London
  • Clinical interests in oncology imaging
  • Research interests in oncology imaging, whole body MRI, and digital health
  • Couldn’t wait to give up German at Middle School (despite winning the school prize!)

Kieran Foley (guest on part 2)

  • Consultant Radiologist at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and Velindre Cancer Centre
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University
  • Clinical interests in Gastrointestinal and Oncology imaging
  • Research interests in advanced oesophageal and gastric cancer imaging, biomarkers, and prognosis
  • Twitter: @kg_foley
  • Highest mountain climb was to 4,200 metres

Mark Little (guest on part 2)

  • Consultant Radiologist in Reading
  • Visiting Professor at the University of Reading
  • Clinical interests in Vascular intervention
  • Research interests in embolisation therapy for osteoarthritis and benign prostate enlargement
  • Twitter: @marklittle_IR
  • Watch out… Mark has been known to cheat at Monopoly

Huge thanks to:

  • The RCR Professional Learning and Development team for podcast recording and development support
  • Sue Mercer at 1aSquared for sound editing
  • Vexento for use of the track We Are One, available free to use
  • Bevibel design for the CRASH! Test sting available via Freesound