Previous clinical oncology webinars

Fellows and members can watch recordings from our previous webinar series:

Please note some recordings will be available on our new RCR Learning Hub, which will be coming soon. 

Proton beam therapy series

An introduction to head and neck proton therapy (held 24 February 2021)
Led by Dr Andrew McPartlin
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Video consults (14 January 2021)
Led by Dr Michael O'Cathail
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Pause to create series

The seriousness of fun (held on 19 August 2020)
Led by Dr Heidi Edmundson
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Sharing stories of the power of creativity: Dr Nicola Davis in conversation with Dr Sam Guglani, Dr Catriona Davis, Dr Anna Dillon and Donna Ford (held on 14 September 2020)
Led by Dr Nicola Davis
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Clinical oncology summer school series 

Fertility in relation to cancer patients (held on 3 June 2020)
Led by Mr Stuart Lavery, Imperial College, London 
Currently unavailable.

Genomics: part 1 (held on 8 June 2020)
Led by Dr Terri McVeigh, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust 
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Treatment of paediatric tumours – general principles (held on 18 June 2020)
Led by Dr Daniel Saunders, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
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Radiotherapy for soft-tissue sarcomas (held on 22 June 2020)
Led by Dr Aisha Miah, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
This webinar recording will be available shortly
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Oncological considerations for the LGBTQ+ patient (held on 26 June 2020)
Led by Dr Daniel Saunders, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and Dr Alison Berner, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust
Vew this recording here.

Systemic therapies for soft-tissue sarcomas (held on 29 June 2020)
Led by Dr Shane Zaidi, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
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Treatment of renal cancer (held on 30 June 2020)
Led by Dr Lisa Pickering, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
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Treatment of melanoma (held on 6 July 2020)
Led by Dr Heather Shaw, University College London Hospital and Mount Vernon Cancer Centre
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Treatment for cervical cancer (held on 16 July 2020)
Led by Professor Peter Hoskin, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
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Treatment for endometrial cancer (21 July 2020)
Led by Dr Rachel Cooper, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
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Treatment of non-melanomatous skin cancer (held 29 July 2020)
Led by Dr Grant Stewart, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust
Currently unavailable.

Radiotherapy techniques for haematological malignancies (held 3 August 2020)
Led by Professor George Mikhaeel, Guy's Cancer Centre, London
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Radiotherapy for non-hodgkins lymphoma (held 25 August 2020)
Led by Dr Andrew Bates
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The management of recurrent/ metastatic head and neck cancer (held 2 September 2020)
Led by Dr Ahmed Bedair, Western Health and Social Care Trust
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Radiotherapy and immunotherapy combination in stage III (held 3 September 2020)
Led by Professor Corinne Favire-Finn
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Overview of management in head neck cancer for FRCR (held 9 September 2020)
Led by Dr Kevin Chiu
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Treatment of Ovarian malignancy (held 10 September)
Led by Dr Rowan Miller
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Treatment for bladder cancer (held 17 September 2020)
Led by Dr Jahangeer Malik
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COVID-19 acute medicine refresher and update webinar series

Co-ordinated by Stephanie Brown (ST3 clinical oncology), Leroy Okonta (ST5 clinical oncology), Hannah Tharmalingam (consultant oncologist, RCR Vice-President, Clinical Oncology)

We hope this webinar series is helpful for those of our members who are expected to return to the acute medical take during the COVID-19 outbreak. The series consists of three webinars aiming to provide a refresher and update on common medical conditions seen on the acute take, and will recap initial investigations, initial management and considerations for escalation to higher levels of care. We have a range of presenters - with specialty specific consultants, registrars and trainees who are working in acute hospitals in the South Coast, East of England and London. 

View webinar 1 of 3
Dr Rosalind Haire - Asthma, COPD and pulmonary embolism
Dr Rebecca Rogers - Diabetic ketoacidosis and HHS
Dr Francesca Hall - Stroke
View this webinar here.

View webinar 2 of 3
Dr David Kirtchuk - Acute coronary syndrome
Dr Meha Patel - Decompensated liver disease
Dr Katie Honney - Delirium
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View webinar 3 of 3
Dr Kunaal Kharbanda - Acute kidney injury
Dr Rishi Banerjee - Sepsis
Dr David Kirtchuk - Heart failure
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Interesting cases from the Royal Marsden Hospital (held on 12 May 2020)
Led by Dr Eleanor Moskovic
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Showing surgical and radiotherapy relevant anatomy to MDT colleagues – anatomic reference points in colorectal cancer reporting (held on 30 April 2020)
Led by Professor Gina Brown
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Endometrial cancer (held on 22 April 2020)
Led by: Dr Nishat Bharwani 
View this webinar here.

Rectal cancer staging (held 15 April 2020)
Led by: Dr Anita Wale 
The seventh in the series especially produced for Clinical Radiology trainees, Dr Anita Wale discussed rectal cancer staging.
Currently unavailable.

Supporting Oncology Service Leaders During COVID-19 (held on 8 April 2020)
Led by: Dr Tom Roques and Dr Gwen Adshead
Currently unavailable.

Cancer multidisciplinary team meeting (held on 4 December 2019)
Led by: Dr Ravivarma Balasubramaniam
This webinar focused on the difficulties currently facing many imaging departments in supporting MDTMs and detailed some potential solutions that are available.
Currently unavailable.

Leadership series

Learning systems: using data for continuous improvement (held on 14 November 2019)
Led by: Dr Tricia Woodhead
The webinar focused on the value of data to achieve learning at any level. It covered the way to bring together information and audit data so as to ensure that change is an improvement and continuously supports your leadership work.
Currently unavailable.

Equipping Leaders to develop local healthcare improvement in partnership (held on 9 September 2019)
Led by: Dr Tricia Woodhead
This webinar explored how team and department leaders can work more effectively across the wider system in which they are working to improve services and quality of care.
Currently unavailable.

​Supporting local, departmental and system wide continuous improvement
Led by: Dr Tricia Woodhead
This one-hour webinar discussed the ways and means to develop the capacity to make improvements and positive changes. It explored the necessary ingredients to support learning and continuous improvement at team, department and organisation level. This was the second event in the Leadership and Quality Improvement Programme for senior trainees and consultants series.
Currently unavailable.

Effective and inclusive leadership of and with your team (held on 18 March 2019)
Led by: Dr Tricia Woodhead
This webinar explored driver 2 and considered approaches to compassionate, inclusive and effective leadership at all levels. It shared lessons and ideas from healthcare across the world, in particular exploring the small things that you can change that make a big difference to the experience and effectiveness of your staff and thus patient care.
Currently unavailable.

Radiotherapy management of muscle invasive bladder cancer - evaluation of a national cohort (held on 12 November 2019)
Led by: Dr Mohini Varughese
This webinar described MIBC current UK practice, compared this to NICE and RCR guidance, summarised evidence based treatments and highlighted areas that we can work towards improving clinical outcome for this group of patients
Currently unavailable.

Clinical oncology CESR applications  (held on 11 July 2019)
Led by: Dr Frances Yuille, Dr Feng-Yi Soh and Ruth Gibson
This webinar was designed to give potential applicants a basis for making the best use of advice about applying for a Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) in Clinical oncology.
Currently unavailable.

Promoting discussion and interaction in your sessions (held on 24 June 2019)
Led by: Amandeep Hothi
Are you stuck in a presenting rut? Would you like to design sessions that are more interactive and engages the audience more? This short webinar demonstrated tips and techniques that you can use.
Currently unavailable.

HPB webinar series

HPB Webinar series: 1 - Precision radiation techniques for cholangiocarcinoma related to ABC07 (held on 19 December 2018)
Led by: Professor Maria Hawkins and Dr Ganesh Radhakrishna
With the advent of precision radiation therapy options now available for HPB malignancies in the UK, a webinar series has been developed to aid clinical teams in understanding the issues relating to implementing these techniques including tumour visualisation. The first of these webinars looked to provide an overview of precision radiation therapy using the ABC 07 trial as a platform and drew upon real cases to highlight the pitfalls and suggested strategies to deal with these issues.
Currently unavailable.

HPB Webinar series: 2 - Precision radiation techniques for pancreatic cancer
Led by: Dr Ganesh Radhakrishna
The second webinar in this series looked to provide an overview of the utility of precision radiation therapy in pancreatic cancer drawing on experience from clinical trials and real cases to highlight the pitfalls and suggested strategies to deal with these issues.
Currently unavailable.

Skin radiotherapy in modern era of clinical oncology (held on 24 April 2019)
Led by: Dr Agata Rembielak
In this webinar Dr Agata Rembielak discussed the role and future perspectives of skin radiotherapy in NMSC in the modern era of clinical oncology.
Currently unavailable.

CO Journal club

CO Journal club webinar: 'Burnout' and how to maintain mental wellbeing (held on 27 February 2019)
Led by: Dr Anthea Cree and Professor Gwen Adshead
Burnout is common amongst oncologists, with between a third to half affected at any time. It is a syndrome related to chronic workplace stress and is characterized by emotional exhaustion, negative attitudes and dehumanisation. It often overlaps with conditions such as anxiety and depression. This webinar discussed burnout and strategies to overcome it both on an individual and organisational basis. It also aimed to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues.
Currently unavailable.

CO Journal club - A Gene Signature for Selecting Benefit from Hypoxia Modification of Radiotherapy for High-Risk Bladder Cancer Patients (held on 31 October 2018)
Led by: Dr Yee Pei Song and Dr Ananya Choudhury
This webinar discussed the development of a gene signature that predicts benefit from hypoxia-modifying agents.
Currently unavailable.

CO Journal club - Abiraterone for Prostate Cancer Not Previously Treated with Hormone Therapy: Should we change practice (held on 21 June 2018)
Speaker: Dr Archie McNair, RCR Clinical Oncology Research Fellow
NEJM published in July 2017 the Stampede trial’s results demonstrating that Abiraterone plus ADT in hormone naïve patients had significantly higher rates of overall and failure-free survival than ADT alone. This webinar focused on the impact of these results on the management of prostate cancer.
Currently unavailable.

CO Journal Club - QUARTZ Trial (held on 28 February 2017)
Speakers: Dr Paula Mulvenna, Northern Centre for Cancer Care and Dr Micheal Snee, Leeds teaching Hospitals
This webinar focused on the QUARTZ trial, a phase 3 randomised trial of dexamthasone and supportive care with or without whole brain radiotherapy in patients with non-small cell lung cancer with brain metastases.
Currently unavailable.

PRIMETIME: Post-operative avoidance of radiotherapy: biomarker selection of women at very low risk of local recurrence (held on 19 September 2018)
Led by: Dr Charlotte Coles, Dr Indrani Bhattachary and Liba Stones.
This webinar discussed PRIMETIME, a prospective, biomarker-directed case-cohort multi-centre study aiming to obtain evidence supporting the safe avoidance of radiotherapy. PRIMETIME is sponsored by the Institute of Cancer Research and funded by Cancer Research UK.
Currently unavailable.

Irradiation of the internal mammary chain

These are a series of five webinar recordings led by Dr Anna Kirby. This extended webinar aimed to support multidisciplinary teams wishing to implement internal mammary chain radiotherapy (IMC-RT) in their departments. (Held on 7 March 2018.)

Part 1: Rationale and indications for IMC RT
Presented by Dr Anna Kirby, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust & Institute of Cancer Research.
Currently unavailable.

Part 2: Overview of possible techniques
Presented Dr Alison Ranger, Clinical Oncology Research Fellow, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and The Institute of Cancer Research.
Currently unavailable.

Part 3: Planning RNI Breast using Tomotherapy
Presented by Marian Toomey, Acting chief Dosimetrist, and, Nicola Twyman, Radiotherapy Physicist, Both at Addenbrookes, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust.
Currently unavailable.

Part 4: Breath hold and wide tangents for Internal Mammary Chain Radiotherapy
Presented by Dr Alison Ranger, Clinical Oncology Research Fellow, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and The Institute of Cancer Research.
Currently unavailable.

Part 5: VMAT treatment of the internal mammary chain
Presented by Alex Dunlop, Radiotherapy Physicist, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.
Currently unavailable.

Radiotherapy Target Volume Definition and Peer Review RCR Guidance (held on 20 February 2018)
Speakers: Dr Tom Roques, Clinical Oncologist, Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and, Dr Petra Janowska, Clinical Oncologist, Beacon Centre Taunton
This webinar discussed the Radiotherapy Target Definition and Peer Review – RCR Guidance, published in 2017. Also demonstrated was how Skype for Business is used to implement radiotherapy contouring peer review.
Currently unavailable.

'Please see and treat' the art of letter writing for trainee oncologists (held on 30 October 2017)
Speaker: Dr Catherine Coyle, Consultant Oncologist, The Christie Hospital, Manchester
This webinar highlighted what is important in both recording the patient discussion and communicating the outcomes including onward referral.
Currently unavailable.

Do No Harm - Reducing harm from using contact Brachytherapy (Papillon) (held on 28 April 2017)
Speaker: Professor Arthur Sun Myint, Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology 
This webinar focused on contact X-ray brachytherapy (Papillon).
Currently unavailable.

Image Guided Radiotherapy for oesophageal cancer - in preparation for SCOPE 2 part 1: 4DCT for Target Volume Definition (held on 26 October 2016)
Speakers: Ganesh Radhakrishna, Sarah Gwynne, Maria Hawkins, Gareth Jones, Helen Baines, Gill Ward, Raj Sripadam, Clare Harrison, Tom Crosby and others.
By viewing this recorded webinar, Members and fellows should have a greater understanding of: 
1. Initiating and developing a 4d scan acquisition protocol for their centre and know how to transfer datasets
2. Recognise the potential challenges and mitigate for these
3. Successfully complete the 4D CT test case outlining exercise for SCOPE 2
Currently unavailable.