Past RadReach events

Applying to Radiology and Oncology: A Walkthrough

Are you interested in radiology or oncology? Do you want to know more about the application process and hear first-hand insights from trainees and consultants? Look no further! In our highly anticipated inaugural webinar you will have the opportunity to hear directly from CR and CO trainees, Dr Rahul Khamar and Dr Leroy Okonta, who have already navigated the application process!  They'll share everything from what made them apply to the specialties to how they optimised their portfolios. In addition to their inspirational stories, you’ll also hear from RCR representatives about how you can get involved with the college. We hope you feel inspired and encouraged as you navigate what could be the first step in the next stage of your career. 

This event took place online on 2 December 2021. Please find the recording below.