Become an RCR member

How to join

There are a number of different ways to become a member of the RCR depending on where you are in your career.

Trainee membership

You can become a trainee member of the RCR if:

  • You are undertaking specialist training in clinical oncology or clinical radiology
  • You have not yet passed the final FRCR examination.


You can become a full member of the RCR if:

  • You are in a non-training post in clinical oncology or clinical radiology
  • You have a postgraduate qualification in clinical oncology or clinical radiology, other than the FRCR.

Associate (non-training) membership

You can become an associate of the RCR if:

  • You are employed in an associated health professional role as a Breast Clinician or a Nuclear Medicine Physician who holds a specialist registration with the General Medical Council
  • You are a Fellow or full member of the Institute of Physics and Engineering (IPEM)
  • You do not have a postgraduate qualification in clinical oncology or clinical radiology.


You can become a Fellow of the RCR if:

As a Fellow you can use FRCR after your name, providing your subscription is paid. We also encourage you to stand for College Council and other offices, and vote in College elections.

Honorary membership

Any RCR member may put forward an honorary member nomination for someone who has directly engaged with RCR activities and made a significant contribution to the specialties of oncology or radiology in the UK.

Honorary Fellowship

Honorary fellowship is a prestigious award available to those who are not a Fellow or member of the RCR, but have made exceptional contributions to clinical oncology or clinical radiology, or promoted the interests of those specialties at a national or an international level.

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