Subscription fee discounts

We know that certain circumstances can make it difficult to pay the full fee, so we offer a range of discounts and concessions to make sure that our membership is available to everyone.

Maternity/parental/adoption leave

  • If you are on maternity/parental/adoption leave, you are eligible for a 50% reduction on your annual membership fees.
  • This discount will be applied to UK and Global Fellows and members (excluding those residing in an LMIC country).
  • This reduction is available for one subscription year per child.
  • You will be required to submit evidence of your maternity/parental/adoption leave, in the form of either a MATB1 certificate (UK residents) or a letter from your HR department.
  • Any documentation submitted is required to be in English.
  • Please contact us in advance of your maternity leave to apply for this discount at 

Low income discount

  • If you are earning £40,000 or below, before tax, from all forms of earned income as a clinical radiologist or clinical oncologist within the membership year, you are eligible for a reduction of up to 50% on your annual membership fees.
  • All applications should be submitted in advance of 1 June each year and any applications submitted after this point will be subject to a pro-rata discount, applied from when your application form and required documentation are received.
  • You can apply for this discount if you are on long-term sick leave or unemployed.
  • This discount is only available to the membership bands of UK Fellows and UK members (non-training).
  • You will need to provide documentation detailing your earnings; for example, a letter from your HR department.
  • Please contact us annually to apply for this discount at 


  • If you wish to apply on the basis of hardship, please contact the Membership Team at


  • It is important that our Fellows and members keep their details up to date. When you inform us of any changes in circumstance, we will apply the discount effective from the date of notification.
  • We will  not backdate any refunds in regards to a change in circumstances.​
  • Any refunds under £10.00 will not be processed due to administration. 

Moving abroad

  • If you live outside the UK on 1 June of any subscription year, we’ll automatically apply a discount to your membership fee in line with our standard charge for your country of residence, provided we have your main international residence address on file.
  • If you have recently moved overseas, please contact the Membership Team with your new address. The global subscription fee will be applied on a pro rata basis.


Keep us informed

You must notify the Membership Engagement Team immediately if your circumstances have changed in a way which might affect your membership application, either if it is awaiting review or if it has already been approved.

Claiming tax relief (UK only)

If you are a UK tax payer you can reduce the cost of your subscription fee through tax relief. You may also be able to backdate your claim for previous years. You can use your subscription receipt that is automatically emailed to you each year following fee payment for this purpose. Please contact your tax advisor or the HM Revenue and Customs for advice concerning your individual claim and circumstances.

Information on making a claim is available from HM Revenue and Customs on 0845 300 0627 or on the HMRC website. How much you get back will depend on a number of factors including your subscription fee level and your tax situation. As a guide, members who are UK tax payers can claim up to 40% on their RCR membership subscription.