Membership categories and fees

Read a breakdown of training income and costs and an overview of all fees for UK trainees in 2019.

2019–20 subscription fees for practising Fellows and members  

Home membership applies to residents in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man on 1 June. Overseas membership applies to residents outside the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man on 1 June.

Membership subscriptions for practising members include our full mailing service and faculty journal access. Learn more about the benefits of RCR membership.

Membership category

CriteriaHome annual fee (£)Overseas annual fee (£)
Specialist traineeYou are undertaking specialist training in clinical oncology or clinical radiology and have not yet passed the Final FRCR exam.283.0078.00
Associate (non-training)

You are working in an associated health professional role as a Breast Clinician or a Nuclear Medicine Physician who holds a specialist registration with the General Medical Council.

IPEM associate (non-training)You are working in an associate health professional role as a Medical physicist and are a Fellow or member of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM).81.0081.00
MemberYou are in a non-training career grade post in clinical oncology or clinical radiology and have a postgraduate qualification in clinical radiology or clinical oncology, other than FRCR or FFR.478.00239.00
FellowYou have passed the Final FRCR exam.495.00250.00
Fellowship without ExaminationYou have not passed the final FRCR exam, but have an appropriate level of professional status and have made a significant contribution to training or practice in clinical radiology, clinical oncology or dental and maxillofacial radiology.495.00250.00

2019–20 subscription fees for retired Fellows and members

If you are retired from clinical practice, you can select which communications you would like to receive from us. Senior members will continue to have full access to the RCR website, and have the option to receive our monthly faculty update and member benefits emails.

Our full mailing service includes a subscription to your relevant faculty journal, and our quarterly RCR Newsletter and Membership Matters publicationsLearn more about our benefits for senior members.

Membership category

CriteriaAnnual fee (£)
Senior membershipReceive monthly faculty update and member benefits emails but no mailing service.11.00
 Receive our quarterly RCR Newsletter mailing service.50.00
 Receive our quarterly RCR Newsletter and quarterly Membership Matters mailing service.58.00
 Receive our full mailing service, including access to your relevant faculty journal, and our quarterly RCR Newsletter and Membership Matters publications.94.00
Life membershipA one-off fee if you have retired from medical practice and have been a Fellow in good standing for at least ten consecutive years up to your retirement. Our full mailing service is included.500.00 (one-off fee)

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