Ella Preiskel Prize

Established in memory of the late Dr Ella Preiskel, this prize is awarded annually to the most outstanding paper on paediatric radiology published in Clinical Radiology.

The procedure for determining this award is set by Clinical Radiology Editorial Board and the Editor.

List of past Ella Preiskel Prize winners

 2020H M Huang
 2019P H Tang
 2018 Y Z Ong
 2017H Qu
 2016J Davies, S Cross, J Evanson
 2015T Niinimäki, J Niinimäki, J Halonen, P Hänninen, A Harila-Saari, R Niinimäki
 2014R Inchingolo, A Ljutikov, A Deganello, P Kane, J Karani
 2013 TR Sanchez, H Nguyen, W Palacios, M Doherty, K Coulter
 2012 A Deganello, D Svasti-Salee, P Allen, J L Clarke, M E K Sellars, P S Sidhu 
 2011 K E Halliday, N J Broderick, J M Somers, R Hawkes 
 2010 Not awarded
 2009 M D Cohen
 2008 M Epifanio, M Baldisserotto, J V Spolidoro, A Gaiger 
 2007 K A Duncan
 2006 E Widjaja, E H Whitby, M Cohen, M N J Paley and P D Griffiths
 2005 A J Robinson, S Russell, S Rimmer
 2004 Not awarded
 2003 I Moorthy, N Joshi, J V Cook, M Warren
 2002 K Johnson, B Wittkop, F Haigh, C Ryder, J M Gardner-Medwin
 2001 A-M Childs, L Cornette, L A Ramenghi, S F Tanner, R J Arthur, D Martinez and I Levene
 2000 S Heenan, J Kyriou, M Fitgerald, E J Adam
 1999 M Shaw
 1998 B P Barry
 1997 F V Coakley
 1996 J R D Tuson
 1995 S J King, D Van Velzen, R L Smyth, H M L Carty and D Heaf
 1994 P Twining and G M Turner
 1993 M A Sargent and B P M Wilson
 1992 J S Tuck, R A L Bissett and C M Doig
 1991 M D Cohen, D A Cory, M Kleiman, J A Smith and N J Broderick
 1990 L S de Bries, L M S Dubowitz, J M Pennock and G M Bydder
 1989 J B Partridge, J M Osborne and R E Slaughter