Become a lay member

The RCR benefits greatly from the contribution that lay people – that is those who are neither doctors nor dentists – make to its work. 

Lay people contribute to the discussions and decisions at the RCR’s governing Council, at its policy making Faculty Boards and on many other boards and committees that do more detailed work.

The expertise that lay people bring can be from a wide variety of backgrounds, such as in serving on charity boards, in higher or professional education, in professional regulation and standard-setting, in assessment or from broader knowledge of healthcare in the four countries of the UK.  In these roles, the RCR is not specifically looking for a patient input or representation to its work but for wider experience and expertise that can be brought to bear on its various functions and activities.

In addition to serving on a specific board or committee, lay people are automatically members of the RCR’s Lay Member Network, which meets twice a year and which discusses the broader objectives and aims of the RCR and specific issues or areas of interest. 

RCR lay member vacancies

Independent Advisor: Systems expertise
We are looking for two Independent Advisors to sit on our Strategic Oversight Board to support the Oversight Board in their ability to evaluate a technology project in the absence of technology expertise in this area. 

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"I have found all of the RCR Officers and staff supportive and encouraging and through attending the Lay Member Network meetings, I have improved my understanding of the RCR’s activities and gained a greater insight into the public perceptions of healthcare in the UK."

– Carl Flint, lay member