RCR standards and guidance consultations

Draft guidance for comment

The following draft guidance documents are available for comment: 

Radiotherapy Dose Fractionation, 4th edition draft

A fourth edition of the document 'Radiotherapy Dose Fractionation' is in development and the following draft chapters are available for consultation: 

Paediatric Cancer

To comment on the draft please return the comments form to guidance@rcr.ac.uk by 3 March 

(Please note the drafts of the remaining chapters in the guidance - anal cancer, gynaeological cancer, and sarcoma -  will be available for consultation in the coming months.

The chapters on bone cancer, bladder cancer, brain metastases, breast cancer, CNS tumours, head and neck cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, HPB and pancreas, lymphpma, MSCC, oligometastases, penile cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, renal cancer,  seminoma, skin cancer, and Upper GI cancer were circulated for consultation in January and February 2023).