Become a Job Plan Adviser

Job Plan Advisers (JPA) play a crucial role in the early stages of the Advisory Appointment Committee (AAC) process. 

JPAs give an independent assessment of oncology or radiology job descriptions in line with RCR guidelines. This review process makes sure that job descriptions meet RCR and NHS standards.

How the job description review process works

  1. The AAC team at the RCR will complete an initial review of the job description to make sure it all required information is there
  2. The AAC team will email the JPA the job description and review form
  3. The JPA will contact the AAC team or the recruiting organisation if they have any questions about the job description
  4. The JPA reviews the job description and completes the form within two weeks. 

"The job description review process helps organisations to provide the best shop window for their consultant posts. This gives applicants assurance that they will be treated fairly, with fairly standardised minimums and with absolute clarity. A good job description is a kite mark of quality, showing an organisation cares.” – Senior reviewer


  • To review consultant job descriptions, you must be a current Fellow of the RCR
  • To review SAS grade job descriptions, you must be a current member of the RCR

All JPAs must:

  • Have held a substantive consultant post in the NHS for at least two years
  • Be in active practice or within six months of retirement
  • Have a strong interest in maintaining high professional standards in clinical oncology or clinical radiology nationally.

Term of office

The term of office is indefinite, but will not be more than six months beyond retirement from NHS practice.

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Contact the AAC team

If you have any questions about becoming a JPA or about the AAC process, the AAC team can help. Email