RCR CPD Scheme

The RCR CPD Scheme has been developed to help Fellows and members show that they are achieving the required level of CPD activity. 

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an ongoing process, outside formal training, that enables doctors to maintain and improve standards of medical practice through the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour. All doctors who have a licence to practise and wish to remain on the GMC register are required to provide documentation that they are participating in CPD to keep up to date for revalidation. 

The RCR CPD Scheme is open to all clinical oncologists and clinical radiologists who are practising in the UK, other than those in training posts. The scheme is designed to be personalised, meaningful and valuable to Fellows and members, placing greater emphasis on reflection, the outcomes of CPD activities and recognising the opportunities provided by online learning.

  • The scheme maintains the principle that doctors should, as a minimum, achieve at least 250 credits over five years in order to remain up to date in their specialties. Ideally this should be evenly spread, with approximately 50 CPD credits achieved per year. 
  • All types of activities can attract CPD if a doctor can demonstrate that they are genuinely developmental and are relevant to a doctor’s professional practice. Doctors should aim for a balance of activities between clinical, academic and professional.
  • An important component of an individual’s CPD is learning from the wider NHS and other healthcare systems, as well as gaining experience from clinical colleagues outside their own organisation.

Enrolling in the RCR CPD Scheme

Trainees will be automatically enrolled in the RCR's CPD following receipt of their Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

Other doctors taking up a UK staff position, including those who trained or have been employed globally, and who wish to enrol in the CPD scheme should contact the RCR for advice at cpd@rcr.ac.uk.

Online CPD journal

The new RCR Learning hub includes a CPD journal available exclusively for RCR Fellow and members, offering a seamless process for obtaining your five-yearly certificate:

  • Record your CPD activity online or using the RCR Learning app
  • Include your reflections and impact when recording your activities
  • Import your current CPD activities
  • Export your activities to a PDF document for your annual appraisal or revalidation

Download the CPD journal user guide (PDF) 

Reflecting on your CPD

The GMC recognises that reflection has an integral role in learning and improving practice and is an important part of the annual appraisal and revalidation process. As part of the five-yearly revalidation cycle, the annual appraisal requires doctors to document their reflections to demonstrate insight into their work.

Additional credits can be claimed for reflecting on what they have learned and on the longterm impact on their professional practice and patient care. A reflective template has been incorporated into the CPD online journal and can be completed when you add an activity.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has produced a reflective practice toolkit:

If you are looking for information on allocating CPD points to events, please see our CPD guidance for event organisers

If you have any queries regarding the scheme, please email cpd@rcr.ac.uk or phone 020 7405 1282, option 5.