Policy for the use of the RCR name and logo by external parties

This describes the RCR’s policy for the use of its name and logo by external parties in order to protect its corporate identity.


It is important that name and logo of The Royal College of Radiologists logo are only used in circumstances where the intent and purpose is clear.

The RCR logo and crest are registered trademarks of the RCR and their use is not permitted without the express, written permission of the RCR as their owner. Where necessary the RCR will take legal action to restrain any unauthorised use.

The logo must be reproduced in accordance with the RCR’s Guide for printers and designers. The RCR must approve all artwork before publication in any media.

Proper use

Permission for the use of the RCR logo is at the absolute discretion of the RCR. The use must be for the agreed purpose(s) only, for a specific time period and subject to any disclaimer required by the RCR. It does not represent blanket permission for an individual or organisation to use the logo.

Permission to use the logo can be withdrawn at any time after it has been given at the discretion of the RCR.

Use of the RCR logo by external parties

Where an individual or organisation wishes to promote some aspect of the RCR’s work, he or they may apply to use the RCR logo. All such requests will be considered on an individual basis depending on the context in which it is intended to use the logo.

Use of the RCR logo by approved sponsors

The use of the RCR name and logo by organisations sponsoring an RCR event must be approved in advance and will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.


For applications to use the RCR logo, please email publications@rcr.ac.uk and include:

  • Name, organisation (where relevant) and contact details.
  • A description of the proposed use of the logo, where the logo would appear, the duration and geographical extent of the proposed use and how the RCR logo would be displayed relative to any other organisation’s logo.
  • A mock-up or sample artwork of the proposed usage of the RCR logo.

Following submission, the RCR will evaluate the application and request further information if required. If approval is granted, formal written authorisation to use the logo, electronic artwork and any conditions of use will be sent.


Any queries about using the RCR logo should be sent to publications@rcr.ac.uk