Travel and expenses policy

All pre-booked College activity is arranged through Supersonic who will contact you to arrange your travel. College staff will notify Supersonic of the details of the meeting and give them the email addresses of all attendees for this purpose.

As the policy states, if it has been your practice to seek, in advance, the best value fare or hotel for RCR business, you may decline the services of Supersonic.

Please note that your claims must fall within the maxima set out within the policy for hotel costs (see section 2.3). College staff check all claims, and authorise reimbursement up to the maximum figures only. Use of Supersonic is monitored and I would welcome any comments (positive and negative) about the service.

The Charity Commission and HM Revenue and Customs require that all expenses claims are appropriate, scrutinised and supported by receipts containing the details of the travel. We shall continue to meet this obligation.

Fellows and members are able to contact Supersonic out of hours, in case of difficulties during travel.