Equality and diversity reports

The RCR considers equality, diversity and inclusion in everything that we do.

In line with our values, the RCR seeks to ensure that the principles of equality and diversity are embedded within its activities and operations. A report on these is brought annually to Council. This is a governance measure for Council as trustees of the RCR as a registered charity. While the report is largely for information, it enables trustees to monitor what is being done and offer any comments or suggestions for the future. The first such report came to Council in July 2016. Our equality and diversity policy was reviewed and approved by Council in July 2019.

The RCR performs an analysis of the membership of its Boards and Committees and how the diversity of its Board and Committee members compares to the diversity of its membership as a whole. The protected characteristics analysed were: age, gender, ethnicity and disability, as these are the only protected data the RCR collects from its members.

We have also set up an equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) taskforce to identify where we can make a difference.

There are three main areas of focus which were agreed by the taskforce:

  1. Differential Attainment / Awarding
  2. A welcoming College
  3. Boards and Committees

We have launched a 2022 paper which sets out the way forward for equality, diversity and inclusion at the RCR. It builds on work undertaken previously, while also pointing to where we want to go in future.

The focus of the paper is on Fellows and members, with work on the staff of the RCR having been taken forward separately. Each action has an identified Officer of the RCR to be responsible for its delivery.