Trainee Introduction Pack

We all know how daunting it can be starting a new job and a good induction can be so important in the first few weeks.  With this in mind, the JRF has designed a TRAINEE INTRODUCTION PACK (New version now available December 2017).

The purpose of this induction pack is to give you some ideas of what to expect in the job, as well as some pointers and tips that most of us wish we had had when we started! It is not comprehensive, and the aim is not to overburden you with information.  It contains much useful information of a general nature but is also designed to be adapted by individual departments so that relevant local information is included in the induction process.

If you are new to clinical radiology training please download the pack.  If you are an existing trainee and think it would be of use to your new colleagues please pass it on to them.  It is hoped that training programmes will include this pack with their local induction material.