Research for trainees

There are lots of opportunities for trainees to gain experience in research and the Academic Committee is working hard to increase these. More information about all aspects of research can be found in the Academic Radiology and Research section of the website. Items of most relevance to trainees are summarised below.

Research certificate

The Research Certificate Scheme has been introduced to promote radiology research amongst non–academic radiologists, to encourage them to engage in research activities and to gain acknowledgment for the experience gained.

All clinical radiology trainees in non–ACF posts are eligible to participate in the scheme, which should ideally be completed no later than 6 months post-CCT. The scheme is open to consultants and others on a case by case basis.

Resources for trainees

The Academic Commitee is constantly working to increase the available resources for trainees to assist with the research requirement of the curriculum. As these are developed they will be made available through the Guidance and Advice pages. Already available is the research recipe book aimed specifically at trainees undertaking the research projects as required by the curriculum.

Research day

The Research Day is an annual event that will be of interest to radiology trainees and consultants interested in undertaking research, academic clinical fellows, clinical lecturers, and academic radiologists. The purpose of the day is to inspire and enthuse radiologists to undertake research. Details on past and upcoming events can be found here.

Research awards and fellowships

There are a number of research focused awards and fellowships which are open to trainees. These include the Constance Thornton Fellowship, the Kodak Scholarship, and the pump priming grants. The College also has joint funding agreements with the Wellcome Trust, the Medical Research Council and Cancer Research UK.