Molecular imaging resources: journal articles

This section contains a selection of journal articles aimed to support trainees in their studies and provide additional resources for anyone interested in the development of clinical services in molecular and hybrid imaging. While many of the recommended articles are free to view and download through their respective web pages, others can be accessed through institutional (university) or OpenAthens (NHS) accounts. To register for an OpenAthens account please contact your local NHS library or visit the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) website at 


Overview and introduction

Radiology 2012: 263 No 3; p 

Molecular Body Imaging: MR, CT and US, Part I. PrinciplesOpen access
Radiology 2012: 264 Molecular Body Imaging:MR, CT and US, Part II. ApplicationsOpen access

European Journal Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging 2015: 42:562–578 

Functional MRI & CT Biomarkers in OncologyInstitutional / OpenAthens Access 
Clinical Radiology 72 (2017) 3-10

Unravelling tumour heterogeneity using next-generation imaging: radiomics, radiogenomics, and habitat imaging

Open access to RCR members & Fellows

Resources to support study for the scientific basis of imaging curriculum  

Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry: Volume 10, Issue 12; p1227-1236Design & Development of Molecular Imaging ProbesOpen access
Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology 44 (2015) 407–424Imaging of Tumor Angiogenesis for Radiologists — Part1: Biological and Technical BasisInstitutional / OpenAthens Access 
Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology 44 (2015) 425–436Imaging of Tumor Angiogenesis for Radiologists — Part 2: Clinical UtilityInstitutional / OpenAthens Access 
Clinical Radiology 70 (2015) 123-127Design and implementation of a web-based PETCT reporting assessment and e-portfolio toolOpen access to RCR members & Fellows

Practical uses & clinical implementation

MRI Techniques

Clinical Radiology 65 (2010) 557-566An introduction to functional and molecular imaging with MRIOpen access to RCR members & Fellows
Radiology 2000: 217:331–345Diffusion Weighted MR Imaging of The BrainOpen access
American Journal of Roentgenology. 2012;199: 252-262Whole-Body Diffusion-Weighted MRI: Tips, Tricks and PitfallsOpen access
Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences Vol. 6 (2007) No. 4 P 211-224Practical Aspects of Assessing Tumors Using Clinical Diffusion-weighted Imaging in the BodyOpen access

CT techniques: Dual Energy CT

Radiographics 2010: 30: 1037-1055Dual Energy Multidetector CT: How Does it Work, What Can It Tell Us and when can we use it in abdominopelvic imaging?Open access

RadioGraphics 2014; 34:589–612 

Oncologic Applications of Dual Energy CT in the AbdomenOpen access

CT techniques: CT Perfusion

International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2010; 18Perfusion CT : An Overview of Technique & Clinical ApplicationsOpen access

Cancer Imaging 2010; 10:8-19  

CT Perfusion in Oncology. How To Do ItOpen access (Pubmed)

Radiology 2014; 272:322-344 

CT Perfusion of the liver: Principles and Applications in OncologyOpen access

Nuclear medicine techniques

European Journal Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging 2015: 42; 537-561 

Radiopharmaceuticals as probes to characterize tumour tissueInstitutional / OpenAthens Access 

Clinical Radiology 2012; 67: 1035-1050 

Contemporary Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Neuroendocrine TumoursOpen access to RCR members & Fellows

Optical imaging

Seminars in Oncology 2011 February; 38(1): 109-118

Current and future clinical applications for optical imaging of cancer: From intraoperative surgical guidance to cancer screening

Institutional/ OpenAthens Access

Radiology 2016; 280:2; 332-349Photoacoustic Imaging in Oncology: Translational Preclinical and Early Clinical ExperienceInstitutional/ OpenAthens Access

The RSNA has also collated a number of relevant publications: