Radiology curricula

Radiology curricula 2021

Training curricula for all specialties and subspecialties are being rewritten in line with the GMC’s 'Excellence by Design' standards for postgraduate curricula. These standards aim to improve the flexibility of training and move away from the 'tick box' approach of previous curricula. They also hope to produce curricula that will better support patient, professional and service need, as set out in the Shape of Training Report, by focusing on generic professional capabilities. These broader skills are required by doctors across all medical specialties to produce safe and effective patient care.


New curricula in clinical and interventional radiology that meet these standards have been approved by the GMC. All trainees, except those due to CCT before September 2022, are required to transfer to the new curricula by August 2021. More details on the clinical radiology and interventional radiology curricula, and support for implementation, can be found using the links below.


Please note that the implementation of the clinical radiology and interventional radiology curricula was postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to COVID-19.  The dates given in this video have not yet been updated to reflect the delay to curriculum implementation. Trainees are expected to transfer to the new curriculum after their ARCP for the 2020/21 training year.



Clinical radiology curriculum

Information about the curriculum for clinical radiology training


Interventional radiology curriculum

Information about the curriculum for interventional radiology training


Implementation tools

Resources and guidance to assist in the implementation of the 2021 curricula



Workplace-based assessment, examinations and ARCP decision aids for the 2021 curricula


Kaizen e-portfolio

The RCR's e-portfolio system records evidence of competence progression through training


Radiology curriculum 2016

Previous versions of the clinical radiology and interventional radiology curricula