Radiology – Integrated Training Initiative (R-ITI)

R-ITI's e-learning resource is based on the knowledge and skills of practising clinical radiologists, representing best practice in radiology and combining traditional proven teaching models with state of the art technology. R-ITI is designed to support and enhance the learning of ST1-3 specialist registrars on the five year radiology training scheme. The programme offers ideal preparation for the Fellowship of The Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR) and equivalent examinations. 

R-ITI can also be used by fully qualified clinicians or consultant radiologists looking to reinforce, strengthen or maintain core knowledge.

The core RCR curriculum has been broken down into fifteen modules by subject area. The curriculum guide contains detailed information on all the individual sessions contained within each module.  To access an individual module click on the module topic below (eLfH login required).

1bThoracic-respiratory4bGynaecology-obstetrics7Radionuclide radiology
1cVascular and interventional4cGenito-urinary and adrenal8aPhysics
2Musculoskeletal and trauma 5Paediatrics8bBasic science
3Gastro-intestinal6aHead and neck8cProfessional skills

How to access R-ITI



How to make the most of R-ITI in your training

The RCR would encourage all training schemes to make use of R-ITI as a learning resource for their trainees, especially those in ST1-3 who are studying for the FRCR Examinations.

Learning paths

A learning path is a grouping of R-ITI sessions collected together in a way that suits an individual training programme’s teaching methods and rotations. There are two main ways these can be structured:

  1. By training year, for example King’s College, London has learning paths for each of Years 1, 2 and 3.
  2. By special interest, for example Oxford has introductory, intermediate and advanced paths for interventional radiology as well as paths for paediatrics and ST1 anatomy.

Learning paths are easy for e-LfH to build for you. All they need is a list of the sessions that you want to include. If you are interested in doing this for your training programme please email and we will put you in touch with the relevant personnel at e-LfH.

Example of a R-ITI learning pathway

Ongoing learning for consultants

R-ITI can be an effective way for consultants to refresh their core knowledge and completion of R-ITI sessions and modules can contribute to continuing professional development. Activity reports can be extracted from the e-LfH learning management system and included in portfolios.

Constantly under review

R-ITI content is constantly being reviewed by a team of editors who work closely with the Clinical Lead and eLfH's technical team to keep sessions as up to date as possible. If you are a consultant or senior (post-FRCR) trainee and you would be interested in getting involved please email


  • Any technical queries about R-ITI should be directed to the e-LfH support team via the support page on the learning portal. 
  • Queries about e-learning within the RCR should be directed to