Clinical Radiology Curriculum

All trainees will start their training on the current version of the Clinical Radiology curriculum. 

Current Clinical Radiology Curriculum

The College revised the clinical radiology curriculum in December 2016.

In summary, the clinical radiology curriculum changes from 2015 to 2016 are:

  • Revision to the ARCP grid
  • Removal of level 2 vascular radiology competencies from the CR curriculum. These will now appear solely in the IR subspecialty training curriculum
  • A Quality Improvement Project and Audit Assessment Tool (QIPAT) has been introduced as a replacement for the current Audit Assessment (AA) tool to cover both clinical audit and QI projects
  • Minor revision to the clinical and generic content to reflect current practice
  • Revision to the Scientific Basis of Imaging component to reinforce the importance of acquiring and retaining this knowledge to underpin later stages of practice
  • Removal of the provision for Focussed Individualised Training (FIT)
  • Extensive revision of generic curriculum Section B – the radiology reporting and communications elements of the Good Clinical Care section

All trainees should transfer to the relevant 2016 curriculum from their next ARCP after 1st February 2017. The changes and transition arrangements are described in full in the changes and transition arrangements document above.

Previous versions of the Clinical Radiology Curriculum

2015 Curriculum

2014 Curriculum:

2013 Curriculum:

2012 Curriculum:

2010 and earlier: