Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT)

PLEASE NOTE:  Since 2014 the GMC have imposed a time limit on CCT applications. Doctors are required to submit their applications within 12 months of their completion date in order to qualify for a CCT. After this point, they will be required to use the CESR route to apply directly to the GMC if they wish to attain Specialist Registration. 


Certificate of Completion of Training

Please complete Notification of Completion of Specialist Training which will be forwarded to the Training Team for processing.

Notes for Completion of the Application Processes

Each month, a number of applications for CCT cannot be processed because they are not fully completed or ARCPs, etc have not been completed.  Please take the time to read and comply with the following advice as this will assist us to quickly process your entry to the Specialist Register.

Application Procedure

  • The College will upload to GMC Connect a list of names of eligible trainees up to 3 months in advance of their CCT date.

  • A CCT application link will be sent, by e mail, to trainees by the Training Team.

  • GMC will contact trainees to invite them to complete an online application in parallel with their RCR application

  • Once your RCR application has been received by the Training Team, checked and accepted, a recommendation will be made to the GMC that you are considered eligible for a CCT

  • Provided that the GMC approves the recommendation it will send you your CCT and information about how to apply for entry to its Specialist Register.

  • In order to allow time for all stages of the process, your completed applications need to be received by the relevant organisations as soon as possible. Do not delay starting the application process until you have been appointed to a consultant post.

ARCP Forms

You should check that all of your ARCP forms are available on your eportfolio, you do not need to print these out as the Training Team will check your eportfolio as part of the application process.  Copies of your ARCP forms should be stored on your eportfolio by your LETB/Deanery.  

Training Appointments

The Training Team will be checking your time in training as part of the application process, please ensure your eportfolio is up to date in regards to this.

Please ensure that all Out of Programme Experience permission paperwork has been received by the College